Monday, January 14, 2008

Gila and Cliff

Yesterday, Sunday, we started by heading out for a walk around the Nature Conservancy grounds with April and Dad, and then headed over to the neighbors' for brunch. Later Dad took Hans and me up to the end of Box Canyon Road to see the Gila National Forest. Then we drove back down, through Gila, and up the other side of the canyon, up a twisty, skinny, vertigo-inducing pink dirt road, where we had a spectacular view of the valley. The Nature Conservancy and other groups are trying to protect the Gila River, which is undammed (the sole undammed river in the state) until it gets to Arizona. Apparently, people in Arizona want the water from the river, and are trying to get the rights to it. Conservationists and others are trying to keep it. Water is a big issue in the Southwest.

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Ishmael said...

Nothing like getting out of town to inspire some blogging, eh? Maybe it's just all the other stuff you don't have to do every day....

Have a great time!