Friday, January 11, 2008

International Day of Action

Witness Against Torture has organized a nation-wide campaign to shut down Guantanamo Bay's detention center; today is an International Day of Action in demonstration against this shameful blot on our national honor.

In Fairbanks, it is happening tonight at the Cushman Street Bridge:

Friday January 11, 2008
Farthest North Candle Light Vigil
Cushman Street Bridge
4:30 – 5:30 pm

The event is organized by those exceptionally cool folks, UAFairbanks Coalition for Peace and Justice, the Alaska Peace Center, No Nukes North, and the UAF Chapter of Amnesty International. Good for you!

Get out there, folks, and show Uncle Ted that torture and "aggressive interrogation techniques" and holding people without charge indefinitely and without access to and from the outside world (y'know, what we called "disappearing" people when the military dictatorships in Latin America were doing it) and revoking habeas corpus and all that kind of thing are UNACCEPTABLE!

An honorable nation, a good nation, a nation of the free does not do this. If it does, it is none of these things. And sadly, we are doing it.

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