Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The paper from Hell

I was up until 5 o'clock this morning, trying to finish the damn Republic. I need to get it done early so that I can get on to all the other things I need to do before we go (like clean the house, pack, finish the edits on the Jorgy manuscript, talk with the printer on the Mired manuscript, finish the Haines CD, clean up the office, work at my day job on campus, write up the subscription & delivery schedule for Jean, etc.). I have FOUR PAGES to deal with, a short article to write, announcements to edit, and the cover photo, I have discovered, is blurry and I don't have a backup.

AND the damn white dog has been a TERRIFIC (if sweet-natured) nuisance.

By the time this vacation gets started, I'm really really going to need it.

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