Tuesday, February 26, 2008

B-9 Birthday Bash

Loads of fun! and, as per usual, I forgot my camera. But Monique brought hers and got a shot of the chocolate-ginger-coconut cake covered with droopy 9s in day-glo colors, made by Hannah. Yummy! Not as many people showed up as last year, as I did a lousy job of publicizing it, but it was a good crowd and we all had fun. Except maybe Noah Khalsa, who seemed a tad bored. He was hoping people would start dancing to the 70s music, but everybody wanted to talk instead.

It's hard sometimes being 11 at a party full of grownups.

But hey, I danced!

Prizewinners will be announced in the next Republic, but the youngest recipient (and note, there was no kids' category) was 6-year-old Judi Johnson, for a really excellent self-portrait. I got to meet Phil Loring, too, who's been writing for me for quite a few months, but I'd only met him through cyberspace previously.

Hans earned beaucoup noble spouse points for setting things up (looked very nice, too) and taking things down and keeping track of the sales. Hoo!

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