Sunday, March 02, 2008

The latest poop at GVEA

and it DO need to be scooped! Elections are coming up for GVEA board members, and the nominating committee has selected two people from a field of eight for us to vote on. And guess what? Tom DeLong, incumbent (who has never missed a meeting and was voted in with a whopping 40% of the voting membership of District 2), IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

It's delightful that they had so many candidates, but did the nominating committee really need to narrow the field so much that our district's current board member can't even be considered? Why couldn't we have had three or four, say, to choose from, instead of two only?

Tom's only choice now is to petition to get on the ballot. He needs something like 200 members of district 2 to request that he be placed on the ballot, and he needs them by 5 pm Monday next. I will be carting around a copy of the petition.

This whole thing stinks mightily of a concerted attempt to get our board member off the board. He must be too dang representative of us greenie libertarian types. (And no, that's not a contradiction in terms, folks.) Tom DeLong, you will remember, was the only board member who voted against the G&T fiasco, and then could only explain his reasoning when specifically asked, in public, at a meeting, because the rest of the GVEA board and staff weren't going to tell us about any possible downsides to that little number. When the G&T went down in flames, they couldn't even admit that there was any problem with it, it was just that they didn't present it properly to us poor little numbskulls.

This is getting annoying.

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Ishmael said...

There's hope! The folks down in the Mat-Su changed their board's balance, and so can you!