Thursday, February 14, 2008

More stupidity on the state front: let's just kill a few pregnant women, why don't we?

I obviously have not been paying attention. Just look at this crap that the Legislature is trying to pull! Wingnut Wes is at it again, along with our hometown fave, Crackpot Coghill. I am so mad I could just spit!

The Anchorage Daily News printed this story on Jan. 22:
JUNEAU -- A House committee approved a proposal Monday that would make a medical procedure widely known as a "partial birth abortion" a felony in Alaska. The House Judiciary Committee passed a bill to revise the current law so it conforms to federal standards. A floor vote -- and a spirited debate -- is expected later in the legislative session. No one spoke out against the bill during a brief public comment period.

Committee members debated an amendment that would allow termination of a pregnancy that "poses substantial risk of permanent injury to the pregnant woman's physical or mental health."

But bill proponents say a portion of the law not under revision sufficiently takes into account the mother's welfare if her life is endangered. The proposed amendment failed.
According to Life News, there's no time when this procedure (which is grisly and grueling and ONLY undertaken for serious medical complications) is ever medically necessary. What a load of waffle!

This is simply an attempt to enforce an unscientific, religious worldview upon the bodies of women who are in desperate need of medical help. I wrote about this in an editorial when the Supreme Court decided that women were too fragile to deal with regret and that therefore a ban on this kind of procedure was perfectly acceptable. Conforming to "federal standards" means conforming to sheer nonsense! This is RELIGIOUS WINGNUTTERY!

And you know what? women are going to die because of it. They won't be able to get the medical help they need, and so they'll get to die for some puffed-up self-righteous bastard of a legislator's religion.

So what else is new?

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Coldfoot said...

I love ya, but if you can look me in the eye and definitively state that opponents of the procedure don't have at least a minor point to consider when they object to this procedure you have lost much of my respect.

My opinion may not matter to you, no hard feelings if so. We see the world so profoundly different that... that... well, profoundly different. Let me just say I find your blog to be outrageously entertaining when you venture into the political realm.