Thursday, April 17, 2008

Don Young getting in deeper

Per the Washington Post, the Senate has "endorsed taking action" "in what may become the first formal request from Congress for a criminal inquiry into one of its own special projects": i.e., Young's post-passage, pre-presidential signing, alteration of a $10 million earmark back in 2005. As Marty Lederman of Balkinization puts it:
How is it, exactly, that an aide to a congressman can, quite literally and physically, "correct" a bill in between the time it is approved by the House and the Senate and the time it is enrolled and sent to the President? Can anyone just walk right into whatever congressional office it is that handles the bill, ask for the official copy of the text, take out a red pen, and start "correcting"?
Ah, but Marty, you don't know our Donnie Boy the way Alaskans know him. You can do ANYTHING if you're arrogant enough and ballsy enough—and don't get caught.

Rep. Young got caught. And he might just go to jail.

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