Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jamie Smith's books are IN!

Yup, finally, they are here! Apparently, the pallets had been here for a week but they couldn't get a hold of me because they had the (very old) wrong phone number. But eventually, the shipper and I caught up with each other, and they delivered them to the Golden Eagle parking lot, where we schlepped them into the back of the car and lickety-split delivered 300-odd books to Gulliver's. Then we went back home and stashed most of the rest in Hans' toolshed and in the Republic office, and then went down to the Eagle to celebrate.

The books look beeyootiful! Jamie and Diane met up with us there and we had a sort of mini-signing, sold a few copies, and ate hamburgers.

This morning I dropped off the ones that the UAF Bookstore had ordered. Now we get to prepare for the trip to Anchorage and the signing(s) next week!


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