Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Susitna damnation

I just CANnot believe that the stupid Susitna dam project is being resurrected AGAIN! The News-Miner, of course, is supporting the study of its feasibility.

Why not study microhydro instead? I mean, hell, what on earth is WRONG with applying less money to a bunch of little bitty local, affordable hydropower projects that are manageable and far more quickly buildable? Why must we even consider flooding millions of acres of land, causing untold havoc on fisheries, creating giant engineering structures in an earthquake-prone state, and spend HUMONGOUS amounts of cash to a) study the possibility (again and again) and then even MORE money to build the damn dam when we could have electricity much sooner and create more local jobs (like, in the villages) if we built a hundred little dams?

We've been through this before. Why waste time and money doing it all over again just to discover that, gee whillikers, it's a big dam expensive project that creates big dam overruns in time and (inevitably) money and a big dam environmental mess and gee, maybe we should shelve the idea.


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