Tuesday, June 03, 2008

More gazebo

Okay, so we've only got one month left to get the gazebo finished. I realized this early this morning (I woke up at 3:30 and couldn't go back to sleep; this is when I think about things like this) and had a little panicky moment or two. So I wrote up a little list of things that people could do to help speed the process along; I made up a little poster to put up at the post office and the gazebo, but I'll list the tasks here, too:

• Hand the carpenter cash so he can buy supplies as he needs them. A few people have done this already, which enabled Hans to get the siding for the roof, but there are other odds and ends that need to be purchased.

• Sand the posts and rafters. Hans will be doing the rough sanding tonight on the posts, but the finish sanding will need to be done before we can varnish them.

• Peel those really big aspen logs lying in the woods. Frank brought these down, and they can be made into some nice benches. But first we've got to get that bark off. Don't cut yourself!

• Paint the roofing material. Most of the boards have one coat on them already; I'll be finishing up the first coat tonight. However, they will need a second coat on the smooth side and a coat on the wide edge of each board, too. The sooner this is done, the sooner they can go on the roof! There's a big bucket of stain and a roller and tray near one of the board drying racks in the woods.

• Buy or donate materials and leave them at the site. We'll need: 48 feet of drip edge flashing to go around the roof perimeter; 100-grit sandpaper; dustmasks; a nice flexible varnish to paint the posts, rafters, and benches with; 1x1s; corks for the bulletin board; water-resistant wood glue (lots of it!).

I think that covers it. There will probably be other things, but if you leave a check to JTEL or cash with the carpenter, then he can pick up what he needs when he thinks of it. And, of course, we need all this as soon as possible, so we can get as much done before the weather turns wet--or the deadline comes (July 6).

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