Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Yes! Dave's Quick Crumpets!

Dave Down Under, also known as Dingo Dave to himself, has posted a recipe for crumpets. I've had crumpets, and they are YUMMY. I did not have them in Merry Olde England, though. I had some in -- get this -- that West Coast metropolis and American harbor town of commerce with the Far East, Seattle. In a wonderful little tea and crumpet shop down by the waterfront. Seattle, for those of you whose tastebuds have not gotten off the East Coast, is a really really great town for eating.

One of these days I'll get to Australia. Maybe by boat. I don't relish a 26-hour plane ride, or however long it is. All I know is Australia's got lots of poisonous whatsits, heat, drought, an active Green Party (especially in Tasmania, where the very first Green Party ever is still going strong), some old family friends, AND on top of that it's a day ahead of itself. Or us. Or part of us, if the Aleutians were sensibly back on sun time.

Anyway, I want to go there.

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Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Gosh, thanks Deirdre! You should try them, they really are tasty and easy.

In 8 years here I've seen 2 snakes, both were slithering off the trail as quick as can be, no worries. Never been bit by a spider down here, but see lots of em.

The plane ride can be long, but we overnight in Japan to break things up.

Seattle: next time you know someone from that area, refer to it as "the pacific southeast" and watch em go ballistic :) Well, it is southeast of Alaska...

Come visit sometime, it's nice being a day ahead of the US :)

cheers from somewhere way south of Seward,