Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Parade: for those of you who want to know

The Ester Fourth of July Parade starts at noon, check in at 11, no reservations necessary. If you haven't seen our parade before, be warned: it's goofy. And politically charged, usually incorrectly. And riddled with punsters. And the paraders will throw things at you (anything from radishes to newspapers to gumdrops, and sometimes people get hosed by the fire department), so practice your catching and/or dodging skills. Do not expect displays of military might, or respectfulness of any sort. We often have cross-dressers and occasionally the odd risqué float or costume. The judges expect bribes, but they'd better be witty ones (judges and bribes both).


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drew said...

Sorry I'll miss it this year Deirdre. Pretty sure this'll be the first.

Happy Irreverence Day