Monday, August 25, 2008

Eat local week

Cracked up when I saw Alaska Grown's farmer "ad": "Local farmer seeks tasty relationship."

The farmer in their ad looks a heck of a lot like a miner to me, but the idea is pretty dang cool. There is a concerted effort across the state to get people to eat locally. It's great. Alaska Grown doesn't list the Ester market on their farmers market page, though.


Dana said...

Nice web page for the market, but when is the next one?

May be the date of the next one is there on the page, I just skimmed through it, not having time to read all the info with two kids running around me. And I have been out of town for a year (ie I wouldn't have seen any flyers), but I am returning in two days, so my question would be: when is the Ester farmer's market? Is it weekly? Looks like it might be monthly?

Deirdre Helfferich said...

It's monthly, at least this summer. We've had a lot of interest in having one more in September, but the market vendors haven't met yet to determine whether we should go ahead and meet next month or not. Next year we will probably do it on a weekly basis, but that will require a level of organization we don't have right now. We're hoping to get that over the winter.