Monday, August 25, 2008

Tuesday's Big Events: raft race movies & voting

Yes, indeedy, an action-packed, emotion-filled day!

First, there's voting:

behind Door #1, we get to decide if we want a gaming (read: gambling) commission established. Sooo, do we want pull tabs, etc. to continue to be operated as they are now? or do we want a commission which might later someday open us up to other gambling ventures? Or is that a commission that would offer us some clarity and help protect nonprofits? Hm. Well, neither the Anchorage Daily News nor the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner like this one.

Door #2: shoot, no shoot wolves, bears, or wolverines from airplanes. And what the heck is a biological emergency?

Door #3 (my favorite): publicly financed campaigns! I hadn't realized that anybody thought there was a down side to this one, but (natch) the News-Miner doesn't like it. Twerps. Nor does the guy who posted a negative cartoon and diatribe about it down at the Golden Eagle--he thinks that it will lead to a heavily left-wing slant to Big Gummint (apparently he doesn't realize that any political viewpoint can use this method--and he sure hasn't been paying attention if he thinks our current government is left-wing).

Door #4: the Big Money Glossy Advertising Spree initiative. Er, mining/clean water initiative. I've gotten more crap in the mail about this one than any other kind of advertising combined.

So, after you've made up your mind about these and voted (oh, yeah, and there's primaries, too), there's some nice relaxing watery silliness at the Blue Loon: Great Tanana Raft Classic movies from 1969, 70, and 71, starting at 6:30. And then, at 8:00 pm, there's more silliness of the zombie adventure variety (complete with Harrison Ford).


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