Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Voted Today!

So says the sticker I'm wearing on my chest. I LOVE going in to vote. I see my various neighbors who volunteer to hand us the ballots and sign us in and all that, plus hanging out and talking with everyone there (about everything but what we're there for!), and there's usually a little candy bowl with toffees and butterscotch. Don't know who brings those in, but I'm grateful.

So here's how I voted (turns out, just like the KoKon, only with our local candidate). Links to the measures themselves are PDFs.

Ballot Measure 1: No. I don't like the idea of the commission being able to enable casino games without the public input that a legislative decision would have.

Ballot Measure 2: Yes. Makes sense to me, although the ads for this were emotion-driving crap.

Ballot Measure 3: Well, of course! I endorsed the thing.

Ballot Measure 4: Yes. I didn't like it very much when the anti-4 crowd lied about it 'shutting down mom-and-pop mines.' It applies to mines larger than 640 acres. And none of the people I talked with about it who favored it could ever tell me why it was so terrible if all it did was prevent licensing of an operation that releases toxic discharges into salmon streams that they're not supposed to release anyway. Just puts a bit more teeth at the outset into it.

US Senator: Ray Metcalfe
US Representative: Diane Benson (although I won't be unhappy if Berkowitz wins)
District 8 State Representative: David Guttenberg


Simiolus Rex said...

I will admit to being an evil bastard...
Chose the Republican Ballot:
Voted for
etc. etc..blaaahhhhh
Held my nose the whole time and giggled as I left the booth.
And now Donny is in the fight for his life...

Deirdre Helfferich said...

Well, you're the Monkey King. What else could we expect? Monkeys are known for throwing, um, excrement, and urinating on those who happen to be passing by....