Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Puppy: small and cute and very very young

A two-week-old puppy was brought into the bar tonight, a little fat roly-poly black and white unknown (but possibly Lab-oid) who'd been found abandoned and brought to the after-hours animal clinic. Cute as the dickens, with a fat tail, mostly head and body, but with strong (if short) little legs, with tiny little ears (unopened) and still blind. It was nuzzling or sleeping in whoever's arms it lay, making those funny little puppy unh-unh-unh noises. So small, and so terribly vulnerable. The woman taking care of it had managed to find a milk replacer that it would eat (it didn't like the first one, which wasn't good for an infant animal that needs to eat every two to four hours), so it had put on weight and actually had a few fat wrinkles. Its fur was thick and glossy. But it (he) needs a home.

It's so awful to see young creatures in this fix, abandoned, taken from their mothers. I don't understand this at all. Babies, whether dogs or cats or humans, are a responsibility. You can't just throw them away. Yet people do.

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Arvay said...

I hate that they have to put those signs at the transfer stations. "You may think your pets are disposable, but they are not..." It's so sad. :(