Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The latest from Ivan Moore: Palin's popularity slipping

According to the latest press release from Ivan Moore Research, "Sarah Palin's positive-negative rating in Alaska [is] taking a real hit, for the first time since Palin was elected in November 2006." Moore has a margin of error in this poll of 4.4%, but shows a drop as of his most recent survey (Sept. 20-22nd) down to a 68% approval rating (from 82% in January). He breaks it down by ideology and party, showing the most significant drop among progressive voters (-28.5 points) and a small but still notable drop among conservatives (-5.5 points). Republicans show a -2 point drop, but this could be off because of the margin of error, so Moore counts it as basically unchanged and exceedingly positive (around 88 to 89% approval).

What is important here, however, is the drop in no party/other party and moderate numbers: 17 points downward. Palin is not pleasing the middle ground.

And it's pretty clear why: obvious, repeated lies; a negative campaign with little of substance; polarizing rhetoric. Interestingly, I never hear news about McCain anymore--it's Sarah this, Sarah that, and then news about Barack Obama, who certainly sounds like a sensible, thoughtful man who might actually weigh the consequences of his decisions rather than charging into them and then thinking about them. Or, as Bush and McCain both appear to do, rationalizing them after the fact.

Nope, Palin is making McCain look worse and Obama look better.

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