Monday, October 20, 2008

Sarah's convenient hindsight twist

Found this one over at Bent Alaska:
"In my own state, I have voted, along with the vast majority of Alaskans who had the opportunity to vote, to amend our constitution defining marriage as between one man and one woman."
That's Sarah Palin, talking with the Christian Broadcasting Network. Now, back in April 2007, we had a little advisory vote on a discriminatory piece of legislation, which passed by 53 to 47% in favor of bigotry. At that time, Ms. Palin said of the vote:
"It's hard to characterize that as a mandate."
In 1998, there was 68% support for a ban on same-sex marriage. That was pretty pathetic, and it's clear that the public, when faced with the reality that this shameful amendment could be used to enshrine all kinds of discriminatory practices, clearly wasn't quite so keen on it the next time.

What a mockery of civil freedoms these people have made of our constitution.


jay in UK said...

Thank you for noticing this. There are folks who think Governor Palin is 'just fine' with gay people as she's said she has gay friends. Well, let's see. Getting married is an essential civil right and custom in American life, yet she's okay with denying gay people the right to marriage.

You know, getting married yourself while you tell your gay friends they can't marry is maybe, just maybe, plain and simple wrong.

Think about it, Sara. We're two former gay Alaskans who were married in the Yukon Territory in 2007 and now live in London, where our marriage is recognized by an entire country, gosh golly.

Blessings to all of you struggling for justice in a land we loved but left for this discrimination.

E. Ross said...

The people of Alaska were not as willing to take away health benefits from partners of gay state employees in 2007 as they were to deny gay couples the right to marry back in 1998.

Sarah conveniently 'forgot' that many more Alaskans supported equality in the '07 vote.

Thanks for picking up this story and mentioning Bent!