Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Running in the snow

Well, the last library fundraiser of the year is OVER. The Readers on the Run 5-k footrace through Ester took place on Sunday, in the thick white snowfall and cold breezy weather we had that morning, and I'm pooped. It was pretty exciting watching the runners come tearing around the corner of Old Nenana and Village Road, though. That and the start (and the arrival of Stanley, Red Lantern Award winner) was about all I saw of it--after that, I was too busy copying down the participants' magnetic poetry.

It was fun, though, even if I was half-frozen by the time it was over. We had twenty racers, and a dog or three, and a ton of poems and t-shirts. And the gazebo got used for the first time. Lots o' fun!

Now the only official event left for me this year is the ECA meeting on the 19th!

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