Friday, October 10, 2008

InDesign coursework

I'm taking a class through the University of Alaska Fairbanks on InDesign. Now, I have been using this program since version 1.0, but I am mostly self-taught on layout in general and specifically on InDesign (I once took a class from David Marusek on using PageMaker, and I've had an Illustrator class, but that's it for formal instruction in desktop publishing). Consequently, I have learned what I needed to know and never messed with what I didn't need to know right away for this week's or month's deadline. I took a couple of tutorials that came with the program, usually adding to my store of tricks and workarounds with each update to the program. I subscribe to InDesign Magazine (which I hardly ever get around to reading) and get a weekly tip on the program, but really, there are huge gaps in my knowledge of the program.

Which is a shame, because it's such a great layout tool. So now I'm taking the class to improve my skills here at my UAF work and elsewhere, and it's GREAT. I'm learning a ton. I don't like the idea of not working with open-source software, but Adobe makes a great program, even if it is expensive.

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Ishmael said...

I always hated Pagemaker, and when Quark XPress came along, I was hooked for years. But InDesign rocks, and now I use nothing else. (Being a Photoshop dude, the commonality was a big help.) Now if I could just figure out Excel....