Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Voting: yet another social event in Ester

As I've said before, I love going to vote. Voting day is lots of fun in Ester: hanging out and hobnobbing with the neighbors while we await our turn to sign in, bringing edibles for the volunteers who sit there all day and make sure we have our opportunity to do our civic duty, choosing among the various candies they thoughtfully provide, and, of course, snorting to ourselves in the voting booth as we contemplate the absurdities of the latest election.

It's also a bit of a friendly competition: there's a sort of informal contest between Ester and Goldstream precincts as to who can get the biggest turnout. Ester usually wins, but in the last few elections our formerly uncontested top-dog position in the state has been bested several times by Goldstream. We're slipping! O, the shame! We must defend our Voting Preeminence and Git Out to the fire station in DROVES!

Tuesday Next, folks, the Big Game! See you there!

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