Saturday, December 06, 2008

One drag queen and a whole lotta cross-dressers

Drag'd through the Ages was last night at the Wood Center Ballroom, and it was hilarious. Seeing the completely silly and outrageous was fun, and the costumes were over the top, a few of them just fabulous. It was a fundraiser for the Interior AIDS Association. World AIDS day was on Monday, December 1, and was the 20th anniversary of IAA's founding. It felt good to have such a good time at such a silly event for such a good--and damn serious--cause.

I got a lot of great photos of the backs of people's heads, among them Craig Buchanan's pony tail, but most of my photos didn't come out very well because it was a bit too dark and the photos were way too grainy. The camera seemed to give up after a certain point, so though I thought I got pictures of every number, only about half of them actually took, and of course those were bad. (If you've got any good high-resolution shots of the show, I can use copies for the Republic if you can get them to me by Monday.)

Hans helped the troupe by working on the props, making a dragon ship, and--ta daaaah!--participating in one of the skits as a lip-synching viking.

There was one actual drag queen in the event, Dixie Normus, and pretty much everybody else, male and female, gay and straight, were cross-dressers. The Burlesque Show troupe formed most of the cast. Raz Finnel was the producer and Hannah Hill was the stage manager.

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