Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas events

'Tis the season for happenings, parties, events, and crowds! So, starting the weekend, the Ester events are:
Christmas lantern-making, at Hartung Hall, 3 pm, this Saturday, December 13. Adults can come but must be accompanied by a kid. Hans did this a couple of years ago and decided he wanted to do it again. It's a paper lantern-making workshop, essentially. There's a German holiday, St. Martin's Day, in which a man dressed as St. Martin rides a horse and leads a procession of kids (who all carry candlelit paper lanterns) through the streets. This takes place on November 11, but Hans figured it would be fun to do it for caroling.

Caroling and Stone Soup starts at the Eagle on Sunday, 4 pm, December 14. Bring your parboiled vegetables or already cooked meat for the pot, and come sing. (Singing usually starts a little later.) We have songbooks that include Christmas songs, old pagan songs, Hannukkah songs, and just plain old winter songs.

The Cookie Exchange is at Hartung Hall again this year, Tuesday the 16th, at 6 pm I think. This is lots of fun. Bring a few dozen cookies, and take away a few dozen.

The Office Christmas Party and White Elephant Exchange at my job SNRAS is a heck of a lot of fun. We're holding it on the 17th this year, so I have to find a good white elephant gift to bring. Not in Ester, of course, but I'll be going to this. Unlimited steals!

Putt & Bob are having their solstice party on the 20th, Saturday.

Solstice is on Sunday the 21st! The Eagle is hosting a beer tasting on this night.

The Golden Eagle White Elephant Gift Exchange & Party is on Christmas Eve, which is Wednesday. (Only three thefts allowed.) We go up to my dad's place and slay a tree to ensure the return of the sun.

Christmas Day feast and paper-thrashing extravaganza.

New Year's Eve at the Eagle!

The EFL Snow Bowl and, probably, the EHL New Year Skate-A-Thon (or whatever we end up calling it) are on New Year's Day.
Lots o' fun, food, and silliness.

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