Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Planning and the Tower of Power

The News-Miner has a story today on the proposed Parks Ridge Alaska DigiTel cell phone tower:
Public planners at the Fairbanks North Star Borough said the tower would be “out of character” in the rural neighborhood. The borough’s planning commission unanimously agreed Tuesday night to deny GCI’s request for special, “conditional use” permission to build.
Luke Hopkins is working on zoning rules regarding towers like this.

While it hasn't been discussed in the articles about the cell phone tower, there have been concerns raised in the comments on them about the health effects of cell phones and cell phone transmission towers. Mostly, the commentators dismiss the two or three people talking about this (among them Doug Yates) as kooks, but looking through Google Scholar and the National Cancer Institute, it's pretty clear that the jury is still out—and the idea that cell phones could pose a long-term danger is most definitely not a kooky one. Many respected researchers are investigating the topic.

The problem is not a new one, really: the question of electrosmog and cell phone tower siting was the subject of an international conference held in Salzburg, Austria, back in 2000.

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