Thursday, December 11, 2008

He's a star!

Well, sort of. The SunStar ran their center-spread article on the drag show, and there are several lovely photos of the event, including one of our Valkyrie Viking in white frilliness. Much better quality shots than the grainy things I took. Their story says that the group earned over a thousand dollars; I'd heard it was better than $2000. However, that was gross, not net. Several people put in a LOT of money to make the show happen.

It's always really nifty to see people get together for a good cause, but events like this take a lot of effort, a baseline of cash, and a lot of time. It's good when it ends up being fun, too!

The same issue has a nice little story on the various Friday art openings, including a short interview with Sandy Gillespie (at the Annex).

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