Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Joshua Tree Republic, Easton & Stagger at the Pub

So Tim Easton came by the Eagle last night and dropped off a litte 'zine for me that he'd started (the fool!), the Joshua Tree Republic. It's a little freebie news & opinion zine with nifty illustrations, rather funky underground street rag kind of tone. He plans to keep publishing. Every month, he hopes.

He's mad. I know he is, because I speak from experience. The paper's got a nice feel to it, though. He and Katie are putting it together and inviting Joshua Tree residents to contribute. I wonder if they take letters to the editor?

Tim's up here on tour. He and Leeroy Stagger will be at the UAF Pub tonight, 9 pm showtime, I think (doors open at 8). Evan Phillips, the other part of the band, has been discombobulated with an old and painful climbing injury flaring up, so he's not on this tour with them.


rainywalker said...

Joshua Tree Republic [small] newspapers were all over California when I lived there in the late 60's. There is one left after all this time, but the name slips my mind. Ah, "The Onion." Blogs have brought us back to more local and world news.

rosaatricochet said...

Tim Easton's "Joshua Tree Republic" is available from the "Rioochet" to "Old Woman Springs" as well as his albums, and his private chef/fan club home know how crazy a bunch of local girls running a small shop called the "Ricochet" can get...the Republic, Tim Easton, and Red Arrow Katie Shaw will be circulating strong in 2009 and for many years to come!!
Eat well, be healthy, and peace focused,
Rosa at Ricochet