Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Whew. The 5th annual John Trigg Ester Library Lallapalooza & Book Bash is over. I was exhaustionized the next day; spent most of the day in bed. Mostly it went well, although there were a couple of glitches and lost tempers, but generally better than the previous years. There was, however, a serious shortage of volunteers before the event. The day of plenty of people showed up again, but it's kind of hard to explain everything that needs to be done on auction tables and the pay table while the event is going on. Only three people showed up to the volunteer meeting beforehand, and that just wasn't enough to handle the activity properly during the event. But it worked out.

The News-Miner covered the event, sending a photographer and a reporter, and we made the top of the front page on Monday! It helped that the apron parade featured local ham Joey Hadro (the Carhartt-themed apron he wore ended up fetching $60).

The dessert auction also went well--one plate of fudge went for $100! The winner graciously offered fudgy bits to me; it was delicious and smooth.

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