Thursday, March 05, 2009

Ten years of crazed publishing

Yes, it's coming up this Saturday at the Golden Eagle Saloon: The Ester Republic's Tenth Anniversary Birthday Bash! I am frantically getting ready for this party. Fortunately, Su Tate has been helping me with putting up posters and spreading postcards thither and yon, and simply organizing everthing.

The Schedule:

• 7 pm: the Party Begins, with nacho bar (I'm making black bean salsa), keg o' beer, and potluck. Bring your favorite eats!
• 8 pm: the Publisher announces her Picks for the year, and a few all-time faves for the decade. Awards and prizes presented.
• 9 pm: the Slippin' Mickeys, playing Irish tunes with a rock edge. (Kelly Louden tells me that almost none of their songs were written after the 1930s.)
• 11 pm: the Bac'unry Bruthers, yer favorite bouncy jug band.

Collector's items of various sorts will be available for sale, but mostly there will be eating, drinking, dancing, and making merry. Ye Olde Editor hopes that you all will be able to make it through the Great Quantities of Snow to Attend what will surely be the Republic's Shindig of Shindigs, not to be repeated unless we make the twenty-year mark.

Sometime late at night your favorite local publisher will collapse from exhaustion, but she plans to be well fed and well danced before that point.

The poster has been going up all over town. I commissioned it from Corwyn Wilkey, player in and designer for Sweatin' Honey. Definitely worth every penny:

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