Friday, April 17, 2009

Evolution: when things move

As in, when papers and office furniture and art and equipment and lamps and more papers and tools and boxes and books and newspapers and more papers are Moved.

Ironically, now that I have moved my office into a wifi zone, ACS (the Phone Company) called me and let me know that I am, as of a half-hour previous, DSL-approved once again at my house and did I still want the service? Sigh. Oh, sure, I said, I have to get another computer anyway...

On to the photos of the Orifice. The color field atop this post is a detail of my desktop. As in, my actual desk's actual top. None of this virtuality, here. This is real paint (lots of toxic cadmium colors in there) on a real desk. Well, not a real real desk, more a door laid on its side and used as a desk, painted by yours truly.

Next, the Large Painting, "Humpback Airship over Ester Ditch Road," by Somer Hahm. I love this painting. It's from the MFA show here at the Annex last year. The two small ones to the right of it are by Somer, too.

Then, the Ad Woman's Corner. (She's downstairs with the roo-dog, Cyril, and John Henry, Ester Wifi Man.)

And last, the corner lamp and the back o' the door, still with plenty of real estate to be bedecked with posters, notes, cartoons, and placards.

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