Friday, April 24, 2009

Open house at the Republic tonite

Yuppers, tonight's the night. From 5 to 9ish tonight, the Ester Republic Press office will be be open for snacks, conversation, and a bonfire of old and damaged papers. Come on down, BYOB, and converse with the publisher.

See! a clean desk for perhaps the -- ONLY -- time in the Republic's history!

Meet! the Publisher AND the Editor, who will be all gussied up for the occasion!

and best of all,

Burn! old copies of the paper, that left-wing liberal rag! (We'll see if that brings any of those right-wingers out of the woods!)


Directions: (traveling from Fairbanks) head to Anchorage. On the right side of the Parks Highway, after a bit of a hill, you will see a large grey building at 2922 Parks Highway. This is the Annex gallery and art space. On the right end of the building is a door, leading to a stairwell, up which one must trudge to get to studio #2, the new Republic office.

If you get lost, call 451-0636, and we'll talk you through the way there...

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