Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Banana Girls posing in front of the Golden Eagle

Here we are on Saturday morning, shortly before heading over to Mali's for yet another practice session in her little house before heading into the parade lineup on the 4th. A kind gentleman took lots of stills for us while we got everyone together and in the proper place. A good deal of giggling went on.

From left to right, top to bottom: Cameron Carroll, Hannah Hill, Mel Durrett, Amy, Sarie Birch Brainerd, me, Kate Billington, Melinda Harris, Leah Hill. Kate, Melinda, and Leah are holding the spangled Mahalo bribeage presented to the judges on our behalf by Kate's friend Anita, who also took a bunch of photos of the parade with my camera. Thanks, Anita!

Addendum 7/17/09: our ukelele player-in-training (har! as if we all aren't in training) is Amy Russell (with the banana on her head).

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Andrew said...

Hooo great pose...nice pic..keep rocking..

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