Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A little Fourth of July problem

Her Editorship made a tactical error regarding the reportage on the Ester Fourth of July Parade: no lists.

Every year, the volunteers at signup create a big long list of who got what paper plate number. They give this to the judges, who assign prizes and make up names for the awards. Then they award them, hilarity is had, much bribery imbibed, and a lot of chaos ensues. Then, if the Publisher has been on the ball and asked them nicely ahead of time, they hand this precious information over to her and she publishes a story with the list of who and what in The Ester Republic.

Alas, Her Editorship, being preoccupied with playing her ukelele, FORGOT about this all-important detail. So she has no lists to work from. Which means the story in the Republic is going to be awfully short. If you know which award went to who, please let me know. The judges only have a hazy, incomplete memory of the event....

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Andrew said...

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