Thursday, March 04, 2010

Lallapalooza leftovers

This Friday is First Friday, when all the galleries have their new show openings. One of my favorite local artists, Inari Kylänen, is going to be at the Annex, along with the Lens Fest show. I've been seeing it go up, and the photos are really wonderful. Some marvelous portraits. Inari's paintings are fantastic (in several senses) and I'm already figuring out how I can purchase one...the big problem is making a choice!

Anyhoo, upstairs will be the Lallapalooza Leftovers Sale, in Studio 9 at the top of the stairs. This was Nancy Burnham's suggestion, and I think it's a great idea. Every year we have a few things that came too late to get into the Librarypalooza auctions, or that didn't go but are still really cool, and then we have to try to get them back to the donors or hold on to them for a year. This year, however, we'll be holding a sale! There are several pairs of shoes from the Footwear Fashion Flaunt, lots of nifty books, some pottery, paintings, a pastel, library t-shirts and sweatshirts, a few gift certificates, sturdy jackets, CDS by local musicians, quilted pillows and a wall hanging, jewelry, some cool origami, and a whole bunch more.

And, if I can find them, the last couple of official 2010 Republic of Ester citizenship cards!

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