Friday, April 09, 2010

Golden Valley Ratepayers Alliance

Just got a message in my in-box from the Golden Valley Ratepayers' Alliance, which is having a meeting at the Northern Alaska Environmental Center at 5:30 on Wednesday the 14th of April. The GVRA is a watchdog group of Golden Valley Electric Association ratepayers/members. Here's a segment of the e-mail (links added):
There are a couple major issues coming to a head in the next month:

• The GVEA Board of Directors is proposing to completely remove GVEA’s debt ceiling, which sits at a hefty $460 million already. All attending members will vote on this at the annual all-member meeting on April 27th.

• Removing the debt ceiling will allow GVEA to take out enormous loans, and we’re the ones to shoulder the debt. This may allow GVEA to finance the restart of the Healy coal plant 2. That’s right, GVEA still has not come clean about the true costs of Healy 2 and is trying to fool us into refinancing the failed project.

We should not pour more of our money into this black hole. Healy 2 has not once heated our homes or shaved money off our energy bills and it never will! There are smarter ways to power Alaska. Even if this money is not fed into Healy 2, we should have a say what direction our board takes with our money.
The GVEA Member Advisory Committee meeting follows at 6:30 the same day at GVEA.

Also in GVEA news, the annual membership meeting is coming up on April 27, Tuesday, at 7 pm at the Carlson Center (registration beginning at 5:30).

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