Friday, September 24, 2010

Grantwriting workshop

This week I've been taking a five-day intensive workshop on grantwriting for the John Trigg Ester Library from the Alaska Funding Exchange, and it has been well worth it. Man, what a lot of information. We're covering how to write letters of inquiry, grant proposals, budgeting, timelines, grants management, finding funders, various resources relating to grants and grantwriting.

We've already gotten one grant,the state appropriation, and this course is going to be very helpful for managing it. This sort of thing has always seemed so, I don't know, obtuse, and now it actually it seems if not fun, certainly satisfying and interesting. The information I've learned will be good for the Republic, good for the Ester Community Association, good for Ester at large, potentially. One particularly exciting thing that I've learned about is the Alaska Community Foundation.

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