Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Skating down the Parks

Joe Geiss took a video of some firefighter zipping down the Old Nenana and onto the Parks on skates. Yesterday, Katrina and another firefighter were skating on the Old Nenana--the highways had a nice thick glaze of ice for a while, but now there's gravel on it. The ice rink, on the other hand, is pretty well liquid. We went skating in our little Green Box on Wheels the moment we got out of our driveway, kiboshing any plans to head to the university (which was closed, at any rate). Depending on what happens overnight, I may or may not go in to campus tomorrow. Lots of cars off the road, schools closed, etc. First time I can EVER recall school being closed because it was too warm....

At some point I need to get myself a pair of skates (like, when it freezes up again).

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