Saturday, April 22, 2006

Moving the old post office

Hannah Hill owns the old Ester post-office-turned-espresso-stand, and operated it for a year as The First Cup, a very good espresso shop indeed. But she's decided to get out of the espresso business, and will be renting it to me for an office space. (I've been slowly filling up my husband's tool shed with back issues of the Republic and the Local Et Cetera....) I'm moving it back to Ester (with lots of help), where it will reside on the village square, across from the Golden Eagle and next to PhotoSynthesis (per HIllary, who decided that she didn't want it on the other side since that's prime parking space). Moving the building first requires digging it out via pickaxe and shovel so it is free of the frozen gravel it's resting on. Hans is talking a jackhammer, which seems rather drastic, but it depends on whether we have to move it this weekend or next. We were out there digging away (not getting very deep--it's still frozen solid) yesterday, and Hans did a bunch the day before. Slow work, but it's getting there.

Finally, Hans will get his tool shed back!

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