Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Impoverished publisher begs for cash

Pretty please?

Here's the deal: ye olde Ester Republic Press is having a bit of a cash flow problem. Five (count 'em, 5) manuscripts are in the publisher's hands, all pretty hot. One is still a partial manuscript, so it doesn't really count just yet. Funding to print two more is in the bag, so those aren't a worry, and besides, one of them isn't going to a printer for several months. However, two manuscripts are ready to go--and there's not enough money in the piggy bank.

And just what are these worthy titles that I am trying to bring to the author's adoring public? Jamie Smith's next books:

It's Gonna Be A Long Winter (the final collection of Freeze-Frame cartoons),

and Jamie's first collection of Nuggets cartoons.

So, what I'm asking for is a loan of sorts, or a backorder for a lot of books at 20% off. Or both.

The idea is, I need cash in largeish chunks, say, $500, from many people (to print my ideal run of both books I'm going to need around $9,000--in a pinch I can do one book for around $4,000). So, along with my contribution, that will still take around 8 to 18 people, all kicking in a chunk of change. When the books come in, I will pay back the full amount in cash in quarterly payments (probably all within the first quarter, since that's when most books sell), or in a mix of books and cash. So in effect, loaners would be backordering, repaid in books and money. The books (on this deal only) would be discounted 20%, as I said, so anybody helping out this way would be getting a deal on the book (but you'd get your full dollar value back).

Sooooo.....any Jamie fans out there wanna take me up on this? If you're interested, contact me at 907.457.3418, 479.3368, or e-mail me at the Republic, info@esterrepublic.com.

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Deirdre Helfferich said...

Not sure why, but the Nuggets cover keeps showing blue on my screen. They're brown, really they are.

Also, we have our first fan laying out the cash!