Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Wonderful water

FINALLY! After six dry, dry months, we finally have water again! Hans has been slaving away after work, on weekends, whether he's been sick or no. I can't rightly say that I've been working anywhere near as hard as he has on this, although I have helped. But, after our water tank split this summer (after leaking badly in the spring), we had to do it: dig it up, cut it open, fill it in, cover it over, tamp down the gravel and dirt so that it wouldn't settle, throw in more dirt, compact it some more, etc. etc., and then: build the blue foam box of a water house for our new tank.

Last weekend Hans got all the wiring and plumbing done, and then had to figure out how to get in and out of the tank without getting trapped in there. There were dead bees and mosquitoes and other stuff that needed cleaning out. Then he called Goldstream Water to come fill it. Glenn Imus checked out the system (window for the water delivery driver to check out the level of water in the tank, light switch so he can actually see in there, UV-screening glass in the window so that algae isn't quite so tempted to grow in there) and pronounced it good. Then he filled the tank.

I took a shower! in my own house! We can turn a handle and actual water comes out of the faucet!



CabinDweller said...


And really loved the cover of the latest issue of the Ester Republic.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

What??!!!?? Running water in a cabin in the Interior?? Goodness, what's the world coming to?