Friday, March 07, 2008

A Publisher's Work is Never Done

…at least, not until she goes out of business.

The Jorgy book is now at DateLine, being printed up into galleys for sending out to those reviewers who don't want to mess around with books. It's going to be 280 pages, including an index, glossary, and about ten appendices. There's still a bit more info needed for one appendix, specifics on types of planes, but I should have that this weekend. The goal is to get it out to the printer on Monday. Har har.

This is the last of the four books planned for this year. I will be SO glad when they're all done and paid for.

The Republic is now the item on the slate: I've got to get this puppy done by Monday night.

And then there's the Mired Loon Splash: a presentation and book release party to be held for Neil's book on the 18th of March, 5:30 to 7:30 at the Blue Loon. Mike Powers (executive director of the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital), Richard Seifert (hospital foundation board of trustees member, and Neil Davis, author of Mired in the Health Care Morass will be speaking at the event.

After that comes everybody's favorite lasagne feed and book bash: the library lallapalooza number 4: March 30! I have to update the website(s), find out what's up with the library plans, do some press releases, etc.

Then comes the Alaska Press Club conference, April 19-21. A whole caravan of Ester Republicans plan to attend this year. (Watch this be the year we don't get any awards, frets the worrywart publisher.) Then we must drive back posthaste, because--

Jamie's books are scheduled for release on Earth Day, April 22. No April Fool's event, alas, but still a BIG party at Silver Gulch.

Jorgy is scheduled for release on May 1, just before the Alaska Airmen's Conference down in Anchorage. Next up is the May Day Fly-In and Airshow in Valdez, May 9-11. The weekend after that is a tentatively scheduled book signing at Gulliver's, with one after that at Barnes & Noble (no date yet).

So things are going to be pretty hectic for the next two months.


Ishmael said...

Wow, you're dedicated. And busy.

Deirdre Helfferich said...

That, or obsessed. Not sure which, really. I swear I am going to become slow and slothful after this, lie around reading books, watching the grass grow. Maybe do the dishes every once in a while...

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Dang you're busy!

Barnes and Noble in Squarebanks? Pray tell, where? Let me guess: between Barnette and Noble?? LOL

Deirdre Helfferich said...

Nope, there's a brand new Mall-Wart Zone out by the Old Steese, full of Home Despot and Old Gravy and other warehouse scariness. No landscaping. Unless you call Parking Pavement Sans Sidewalk Treeless "design" or "landscaping". Barf, barf, and double gag me with a big plastic spoon.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

BLECH!!!! Where'd they put that monstrosity? Opposite Skinkins Ford?