Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back to the political grind

Hans snorted out loud this morning when he heard the news about Senator and not-so-honorable Jerry Ward. Yet another corrupt Republican. Ben has yet to be bagged, and Don's still spending money on defense lawyers in anticipation of, well, something he doesn't want to tell us about. The Democrats down south now have their token crook (we've been hearing about that over and over again, too), and apparently he's a foul-mouthed so-and-so. Not a civil servant, indeed not.

And just in case you thought it was cold up here in the Frozen North, Sarah Palin's hometown church was recently torched.

Ah, politics!


Tania said...

Really, looking for an opinion...

Now that Ted has been convicted, WHAT ON EARTH is holding up Ben's indictment? It's not like it's not documented that he was bought by VECO. I figured while Ted was still in office that would hold things up. But now... what's the deal? Any speculation you've heard that you can share?

Michael Dowd said...

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