Friday, December 12, 2008

Commenter's Meme: the questions

Okay, okay, I've been prodded from Down Under (snort!). Here's the questions and answers:
1. What's your favorite post from #3's blog?

Oh, god. I have to choose? That's hard. Ishmael Melville is prolific and funny and insightful, and regularly comes up with zingers. Um, um, well, there were all those Sarah Palin posts. You know, the ones with drool running down his chin. Those were pretty funny. And the Doonsbury reposts are pretty good. And there's his blasts of Murkowski(s). And the latest on the situation at Tony's.

Nope, just too difficult.

2. Has #10 taken any pictures that moved you?

Mostly, Dave has photos of cockatiels and koalas and bright red noisy birds and parakeets and whatnot. Those, I am afraid, I don't find moving. Entertaining and bright, yes. But moving, no.

However, in the deep of winter (summer in Australia), he takes photos of the pool. Often with lazy bums drinking quantities of alcohol and eating disgustingly wonderful fruity things and grinning the broad smiles of the utterly relaxed and debauched. The ripples and light on the surface are mesmerising. The brilliance is blinding. I seethe with jealousy. I crave sun. I contemplate cashing in my retirement (what little of it is left) and abandoning this cruel frozen world and heading south to eat kumquats and soak in water until I'm a wrinkled prune. Then I remember the poisonous snakes and spiders and whatnots and come to my senses and look away from the entrancing, evil photos he puts on his blog.

3. Does #6 reply to comments on his or her blog?

Oh yes. Quite snottily, too. He has a reputation to keep up. And if you don't watch it, he'll lampoon you in print.

Wait a moment. Right. I've confused myself. #6 is Tania. Yes, she seems to. See question #5. And #10.

4. Which part of blogland is #2 from?

Hm. Blogland? I suppose that would be the northern and recent part, the rather natural history part of the Great West and the Frozen North, in the foothills of the Peculiar Trivia Mountains and just across the divide from the Sports Fans. He seems to be a resident of that quaint little village, Technological Widets. And of course, all of this is in Virtual America (y'know, the Unreal Nation).

5. If you could give one piece of advice to #7, what would it be?

Uh, blog more? No, wait, get outside and PLAY! Um. No. She's doing just fine. (Liked the bit on Raven, by the way, Tania.)

Wait a minute, she's number 6. Uh, lessee, number 7 is Jason. Advice? I don't know the guy. How can I give him advice? Watch out for editors, they're bonkers? (I should know.) Can you tell I'm having trouble with this? I am not familiar enough with his writing yet to give him advice. Looks intriguing, though.

6. Have you ever tried something from #9's blog?

Nope, I don't think so. Of course, I don't regulary read akfnp's blog, so maybe, I don't know. I do watch the aurora, though.

7. Has #1 blogged something that inspired you?

Um, yes--the thought of blues ukelele (and jazz!) is fantastic! and there's ragtime! I'm getting quite excited about the possibilities. It's not just all Melekelikimaka music.

8. How often do you comment on #4's blog?

Well, given that Jay doesn't seem to have a blog, this one doesn't apply. And I don't give a rat's rump about the spammer that is officially number 4. I'm sure the rat doesn't either.

9. Do you wait for #8 to post excitedly?

Okay, here my editorial muscles are flexing. Does the originator of the meme mean to ask, Do you wait excitedly? or do they mean, as they've asked, if I wait for the other blogger, in this case, Anarchy in the AK, to get all excited and post excitedly. To both former and latter questions, no, I do not wait excitedly or otherwise for Anarchy to post excitedly or otherwise. I do go check her out occasionally. She's pretty interesting.

10. How did #5's blog change your life?

Hm. that's a hard one. I know! he made me the publisher of an award-winning paper! Which means I now schlep myself down to Anchorage every year in the hope that the paper will win another one. And he made me aware that Costa Rica was a country, not a city. (Yes, I am An Idiot.) And last but not least, he's a good friend, sensible and wacky who's cursed with kids just like him: smart, smart alecky, talkative, and artistic. Lucky guy. I'm jealous.

Er, but that's not his blog, that's him. Uh, it didn't. Sorry, Dan.
Okay, so that's all the questions answered, rather flippantly.


Naturelady said...

Leave it to a writer/editor to comment on the strange wording of "Do wait for #8 to post excitedly" -- that was funny!
And Ishmael at Kodiak Konfidential is how I found you!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Greeting from down under! LOL! *giggle, snort, chortle*