Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Editor Is In

My suspicion is that it's the cartoonist's knees here, because MY knees certainly aren't that knobbly. This logo is gracing Ester Republic shopping bags (55% hemp, 45% natural cotton, only $10 each--cheap!). Jamie Smith did the logo for me.

Cool, huh?

Addendum: Oh, right (see comments). Ahem. Well, basically one gets the bag from the publisher, since she always carries 'em around with her. But that, of course, means you have to catch her. And we aren't reduced to using the outhouse yet this winter (knock on wood), so that's a little difficult. Lessee, I've got a high per-bag cost, so I can't sell them through local retailers like Gulliver's, so I can either mail them to you (outrageous shipping cost of $3 flat for slow boat or $6 for priority), or try and meet up with you somewhere. Contact Ye Olde Bag Lady at to make arrangements. My day job is on the UAF campus, so that might be a convenient rendezvous...

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Tania said...

Ahem. Where would one procure such an item?