Thursday, January 29, 2009

30-year high school reunion

Omigod. I just received the dreaded invitation to a high school reunion, where we get to see what we've all done with our lives (those who've survived this long, or can make it, or want to, that is). I've avoided all the previous ones, but I think I ought to go to at least one. The invitation was sent by Chris Wallace, whom I detested when I was at West Valley but haven't seen since, and, according to the (very quiet) rumor mill, is doing fine by himself nowadays. It'll be odd to meet these people again. My attitudes toward them probably will need to change, since for almost everybody I knew then my attitudes are merely memories of attitudes directed at memories of people. No basis in current, real life.

It feels peculiar. All those cherished biases will have to go out the window. Well, perhaps not all of them…

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