Monday, February 02, 2009

Calf slaughter

After seeing Blue Oasis' post on Alaska cow news, about eagles going after newborn calves, my memory was jogged about another problem in the Homer area with calf killings--only the predator in this case is a joy-riding asshole who likes running down livestock with his big truck. This happened last year, according to an article by Jan Flora in the newly-minted periodical from Delta Junction, Alaska Farm & Ranch News. The editor, Michael Paschall, sent me a copy of the first edition; very interesting piece. Homer livestock raisers seem to have quite a few problems to contend with...among them that the Troopers were unwilling to investigate and that, apparently, there is a gap in Alaska statutes: no protections for livestock.

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Arvay said...

No protections for livestock? That is appalling! They don't even consider it "property damage"? Or what if the livestock in question sort of crosses the line into being a family pet (like a milk goat that you are bonded with)? Killing a pet is emotional trauma, isnt' it?