Sunday, February 01, 2009

Lallapalooza Quintus

Yes, it's that lovely time of year again when, in anticipation of wildly optimistic building plans, the librarians put on the shindig of all library fundraising blowouts, the FIFTH ANNUAL JOHN TRIGG ESTER LIBRARY LALLAPALOOZA & BOOK BASH !!!!

Last year's was our best ever. This time we're holding it a little early: Sunday, March 1, although at the usual time of day, from 1 to 6:30 pm.

So this year, we will once again be at the Annex, and there will be music (of course), dance (and very nifty dance, too), food (you bet!), lots of cool items in silent auctions (including books, of course), and once again a fashion show! (We're thinking about a dessert auction, too...)

The fashion show will feature aprons. Amy Cameron is organizing this: aprons can be made of anything (paper, cloth, vinyl, whathaveyou) but must be wearable. Makers get to model their own apron (or dragoon a friend into modeling it for them) and then after the catwalk the aprons will be placed on a table and made available for silent auction. All proceeds go to the library. These fashion shows are always great fun. This year we're going to try to get some live music or a DJ to accompany the model/artists strutting their stuff, so it ought to be even more fun than usual. Contact Amy at Bad White Dog, or call 479-0209.

The lallapalooza is the main fundraiser for the library; with it we paid off the land in only three years (well, that and help from the Ester Community Association's land fund). We've now got our gazebo (mostly) and need to generate a LOT of funds so we can get started on the main building. Grants will take care of some of it, but the lallapalooza is where we get our community support. So (can you tell I'm one of the abovementioned librarians?) clear your schedule and come on out for the lallapalooza! Hoo!

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