Friday, April 10, 2009

Office essentials

So, boys and girls, I went shopping today with the Delivery Dude and picked up a couple of office essentials: a coffee maker and a microwave. Alas! When I unpacked the nuker (chortling in anticipation) I discovered that it had taken a fatal blow in the midsection and the glass door was shattered. Hans' driving was quite sedate, I assure you—it was a problem with the box when we bought it. What we'd thought was a handle hold was actually a dent--the hole in the front was there when we got it. So now we have to take it back and exchange it for another.

I am sore annoyed.

Not, of course, that I had any food bits lying around to microwave, but still.

I also got a card reader, so now I have unloaded photos from my camera of the new setup, as of a couple of days ago. First, The Door:

The Desk:

The Boxes O' Junk:

The Totem Cartoon:

Since this stage of affairs, the New Office has acquired a bicycle, a chair (cozy, musty, sans cushions), another chair (plastic orange mod), a drafting table and tall swivel chair (also known as Amy's Desk), and sundry articles of clothing. We need a coat tree and more lights.

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